Is Your Car Battery Knackered?


By Henry Leung One of the stupidest things I have ever done (and I have done many stupid things) is shock myself with a car battery. I was a teenager, and I had to change the battery in my car. The clamps were on really tight, so I thought it …

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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Your Transmission Fluid

Clean Transmission on Classic Car

What if I told you that your transmission has fluid?! Oh… you already knew that? Well, do you know that flushing your transmission fluid can increase fuel economy, transmission longevity, reduce slippage and make shifting all around easier? Yeah, now you’re interested. Here’s everything you need to know about your …

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Beginner’s Guide To Engine Maintenance


So far here at Car Fix Tips, we’ve usually taken specific topics or questions submitted by you and gone in depth with them by providing as clear of an explanation we can give. By doing so we hope to provide you with the best possible chance of making the best …

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Beginner’s Guide To Tyre Maintenance


If you’ve been a loyal reader or have read some of our other articles here at Car Fix Tips, you’d know that we’re in the midst of covering a new series of posts all centralized reound the topic of ‘Beginner’s Guides’. We’ve already covered what every DIY car enthusiast, new car …

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Everyone Dreads an Overheating Car…


Nobody likes an overheated car. They cause you headaches, leave you all sweaty (literally), and cause you to fork out loads of cash just to fix the problem. Worst of all, they catch you completely off guard. What’s more, it even adds to your stress while you’re driving – as …

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Used Auto Car Parts: Yay Or Nay?


First off, this general question warrants a specific answer. To put it simply, every car part is different, and has different requirements as to whether or not it can be replaced with a used one or a completely new OEM one. Here’s a quick little framework for you to swallow: …

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Prep Your Car For The Summer Months…


Heat Check The obvious #1 factor that should be accounted for in summer is the heat. If you didn’t know it before, every car has a heat combating system, perfectly designed with extensive technical and mechanical precision to keep the heat out and cool air in – making our drive …

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How To Kill Your Car Off


How You’re Killing Your Car Faster Than You Could Have Ever Imagined. You may actually be shocked at some of the ways we ruin our cars. In many cases, it’s doing things that you were actually told to do. There is a whole lot of really bad advice out there …

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