Is Your Car Battery Knackered?


By Henry Leung One of the stupidest things I have ever done (and I have done many stupid things) is shock myself with a car battery. I was a teenager, and I had to change the battery in my car. The clamps were on really tight, so I thought it …

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The Importance of Good Lighting – HID headlights


By Henry Leung I’m going to run her over. Everything was happening in slow motion. I could see the wide-eyed look in her eyes. My ABS engaged, the brakes pumping furiously. I could hear my tires screeching and the sound of my wipers. My wife was yelling too, but all …

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How Not To Get Bent Over At the Bodyshop…


Let’s face it. We all hate visits to the body shop. There boring, smelly (in a high kind of way) and you always seem to meet the dullest of people there who seem to have the life sucked from them. Sometimes we have no choice… The Devil Is In The …

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Is It Illegal To Fix Your Own Car?


I know what you may be thinking. Yeah right, illegal to fix my own car. That will be the day when they pry my monkey wrench out of my cold dead fingers. The thing is, having laws that say you cannot work on your own car, even though you bought …

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How to Diagnose and Repair Your Car’s Heater


Everyone hates this situation. You get into your car on a cold morning, start it up and drive away. About a 1/2 a mile or so later you say to yourself, “Dang, it’s still cold in here. What’s up with the heater?” You put your hand in front of the …

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