Chip Tuning – Risks and Rewards of ECU Remapping

Everyone with even a passing interest in cars has heard of chip tuning. As the story goes, a magical mechanical man turns up with his secret software, plugs it into your engine, and BOOM: Your car’s a lean, mean, street racing machine! Yes, in the best-case scenario, this is exactly …

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The Importance of Good Lighting – HID headlights

By Henry Leung I’m going to run her over. Everything was happening in slow motion. I could see the wide-eyed look in her eyes. My ABS engaged, the brakes pumping furiously. I could hear my tires screeching and the sound of my wipers. My wife was yelling too, but all …

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Why Every Car Should Have A DashCam

By Henry Leung #BLACKLIVESMATTER   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the movement and the protests.   The movement was started because black men were killed daily in the US at the hands of over zealous white police officers. Last week, 43 year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot …

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Diesel VS Gas: Who Is The True Victor?

Asking which fuel is better between diesel or petrol is like asking which store is better between an Asda or a Teso. Both have pros, both have cons, and both have zealous believers supporting each of them. Such a topic is not as ‘black and white’ as it used to be, with …

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Can Cheap Fuel Really Kill Your Car, And Is Premium Really Better?

The Cheap Fuel Equation Revealed To calm down the ruckus once and for all, we’ve decided here at to formulate an equation; a theory to clear the air (minor pun intended) around this heated discussion once and for all. We’ve invested a ton of time, money, brainpower and effort to solve this …

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How To Check To See If Your Brakes Are Up To Scratch

How to Make Sure Your Brakes Are Up To Snuff If there is one area of your car that you want check regularly to make sure it’s up to par, it’s your brakes. I’m sure you’d agree that you wouldn’t want to stop to let an oncoming train or semi-truck …

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