5 Must-Have Safety Features for Your New Car

Tired of crashing your car? So is everyone else. In the past 5 years, safety technology has advanced considerably. Here are the top 5 safety features that you need to have on your new car: 1. FORWARD-COLLISION WARNING During university, there were several times where I was so tired from studying …

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Why Every Car Should Have A DashCam

By Henry Leung #BLACKLIVESMATTER   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the movement and the protests.   The movement was started because black men were killed daily in the US at the hands of over zealous white police officers. Last week, 43 year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot …

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5 Emerging Trends in Automotive Engineering

According to PRIME research on the World Car of the Year Study in 2014, the 5 key emerging car trends are efficiency, lightweight materials, design, connectivity and new energy. The same study conducted in 2016 focused on connectivity in cars and the trends that go along side it including safety, …

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The Five Cars That Will Make You Wish It Was 1983 Again

Ahh the 1980’s, when the automotive companies went through puberty and started making more modern and sleek looking cars. Some of the most recognizable and stylish cars were made during the 80’s, like the Lada Riva, just kidding. In fact, the 80’s spoiled us so much that the auto industry …

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How Is Formula One Technology Paving Its Way into Road Cars?

Do you feel that adrenaline rush when watching a Formula 1? The fact that you can experience some of the thrill that professional racers experience driving your own car is amazing, and we can thank the Formula One industry for that. Why, you ask? Well, because the F1 and your daily drive have …

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Car Design….Is There Anything New Under The Sun?

Car Design: Is There Anything New Under The Sun? We often wonder if car manufacturers are really going to give us something new in car design, or if it’s going to be just more of the same old thing. They come out with these fantastic looking concept cars, and then their …

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