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5 Emerging Trends in Automotive Engineering

Future Engineering Trends in Cars

According to PRIME research on the World Car of the Year Study in 2014, the 5 key emerging car trends are efficiency, lightweight materials, design, connectivity and new energy. The same study conducted in 2016 focused on connectivity in cars and the trends that go along side it including safety, …

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Thieves Exploit Keyless Fobs to Easily Steal Cars

Key Fob Makes Car Easy To Steal

Keyless fobs are a brilliant idea. You can start your car and drive away without ever having to dig through your purse or pockets to find your keys – and we wonder why obesity is a problem! As soon as you’re sitting in your car, it’s ready to start up …

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The Essential Tool Guide for the DIY Mechanic

Owner Working On His Car With Tools

The Basics Mechanics obviously require tools to work on cars. There are different kinds of mechanical tools available for working on different types of car engines. The majority of the required tools are available in packaged kits in different stores, but still there are some essential tools a mechanic cannot …

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

What You Should Know When Buying a New Car

A wise man once said that there are 2 moments that define a man’s life. The day that he gets married. More importantly, the day he buys his first car. While one of these moments will ensure that your life is being spent with the companion of your dreams for …

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Toyota To Ferrari: How To Increase Your Vehicle’s Horsepower

Turbocharge to Increase Horsepower

We all love our cars, but sometimes when we buy them, we’re being dealt a forced hand of variables and factors that frankly, may not meet our standards. We all want a super badass driving machine, but with the dealers and manufacturers having to abide by price and emissions standards, …

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